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Drawings & Paintings

Mainly my drawings are sold as tattoo designs and stickers; while paintings are sold to be framed as house or office artwork.  My drawings / paintings are inspired by other artists mainly seen on Pinterest; names of the artists will be under the photos if inspired by someone else / replica... all drawings  bought are drawn or painted by me. Thank you for supporting my art.



I am selling my drawings as tattoo designs, prints, and stickers. My drawings are mainly inspired by famous artists and are mostly done by pen.

Tattoo Designs are around 10-25$ for a piece and emailed or mailed to you directly once bought,

Prints are printed on poster paper and are sold for 8-15$ a piece.

Stickers are sold for 5$


My paintings are mainly done with acrylic paint on canvas and are usually abstract. 

Painting pricing depend on sizing of canvas and how much time I spent. Usually paintings range from 40$-200$